Nicky Forsythe offers one to one therapy either face to face in NW3 or on Skype. She also offers personal development workshops, which include new approaches to wellbeing such as Talk for Health  and the Emotional Fitness Programme .

Lots of people (most of us) get anxious, blue or down at times.  In this situation, you want to feel better but you don’t want to get stuck in psychotherapy that goes round in circles or makes you feel worse.

I am committed to helping people find effective relief from distress in the present, and sustainable wellbeing in the future.

The way I work combines a therapy orientation of ‘exploring inwards’, a coaching orientation of ‘moving forwards’, and an educational orientation of helping you take care of your emotional fitness. Read more about Emotional Fitness here >>

Talk for Health Programme

The programme takes place with a group of up to twelve participants over four evenings and two whole days..

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Emotional Fitness Programme

The Emotional Fitness Programme is a training in how to taking of your own and others' wellbeing. To register your interest or find out more click the link below.

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A Little about Nicky

I am a therapist, researcher and innovator in the area of emotional health, and believe that techniques from psychotherapy can be used by anybody to lead a satisfying and beneficial life.

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